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Kiana Agimori
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On 2000-07-26 at 19:34:16
Service: Independent SP
Location: Downtown
Girls Name: Kiana Agimori
Your Name: Shutterbug
Your Email: [email protected]
Review: I was hoping to be the first to post a review of Kiana Agimori, but it seems like I was too late!

I heartily concur with the review by Dave6323.

Kiana is a first class lady, intelligent, sophisticated, kind and exceptionally beautiful. And I stress EXCEPTIONALLY beautiful.

I saw Kiana earlier this year and it was 2 hours well spent, and money well spent. Her rates are higher than the norm, but in my opinion, worth it for an exceptional GFE, so save up your loonies and toonies or take out a small bank loan.

Don't confuse Kiana Agimori with another Kiana (who may be an in-call)...totally different women.



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