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Author: yaho, Mar/8/2000 23:11:13 [-05 EST]

Siobhan was very young and very cute. Nice girl, good conversational and very friendly. Sevice was excellent. I would say I have a session with Siobhan, 110% satisfactory. To repeat, I called Paradise again tonight but Siobhan was on vacation.

Author: Adam, Mar/13/2000 14:02:29 [-05 EST]

You should try Siobhan from won't be left before your time is up and she is warm...she's new as well, hasn't been there for a bit, I wonder if she's coming back at all. But, she's not a waste of money at all. She makes you feel special..

Author: Bad Dog, Mar/28/2000 13:38:53 [-05 EST]

I saw Siobhan about 4-5 weeks ago, I believe it was her second night in the business. Her lack of guile was completely disarming and refreshing, though after a few weeks with Paradise this may have tempered somewhat. She is intelligent and talkative, and can probably make anyone feel at ease. More to the point, she has an absolutely wonderful body, and is an enthusiastic partner. Bear in mind, however, she is quite young, and in my opinion sexual expertise comes from a combination of both attitude and experience; she scores high on attitude, and I'm sure will only get better with experience.

Author: meee, Apr/29/2000 18:35:21 [-05 EST] [DST]

Well, after reading all the wonderful comments about Siobhan of Seductive Escorts, I decided to see her this afternoon. In a review posted recently it was said that she has no restrictions. Well, even though she is a delightful young lady and I had a great time, she absolutely does have some restrictions. Namely, two of them. One, no dining at the Y and two, she will not touch you with her hand without a condom on. It's safe to say she will never work at a massage parlor!! Anyway, I'm not putting her down, and I really loved her personality and everything else about her, but I just wanted to point out that the previous post was not entirely correct when he said she has no restrictions. Also, despite having a nice figure, it's a little hard to believe those pictures on the agency's website are really her. I mean she looks really thin in those pictures. In person, she's not that thin but still has a beautiful body. Siobhan said that she only plans to work as a "courtesan" until the end of May, so if you're interested in seeing her, you'd better get to it!

NOTE: Please see the review page of Seductive Escorts for an update on this review!

Author: gary, May/2/2000 08:01:08 [-05 EST] [DST]

I have seen some reviews of Siobhan, about what she will or won't do, restrictions,etc. I saw her two weeks ago for two hours. She arrived in a long black dress with fringe on the bottom, striking, very relaxed. What a pure body! No marks, tatoos, rings, etc. Yes, she was businesslike (for about 5 minutes) until she got to know me and what I wanted. No condom when touching. She brings her own special lubricant. She also has a very flexible body. Ask her to show you. Since I am into a lot of touching and mutual excitation, she was a very willing partner. She likes to cuddle after her O. Yes, she said that she was saving some things for her special person (she did not appear to have one at that time). I did not try kissing on face or Y. We had a great time. If you push her, she would probably push back. She has no problem expressing her opinion. Her body is flawless, I senses a non-smoker, firm, tight, WOW! I hope that she stays in the business long enought for my next trip! Email me if you have any specific questions.

Author: Beach Bum, Apr/26/2000 22:58:19 [-05 EST] [DST]

After reading all the glowing reviews about Siobhan at Seductive I had to try her out. First, I found out her name is pronounced "Shivon". She arrived right on time and I was surprised at how cute she was. There was a previous post about how someone did not like her makeup but she hardly wears any as she does not neeed to. She is super friendly and very bubbly. After a short chat as I was eager to have some fun, I suggested we go to the office room and "break it in". I relaxed on the recliner and she did a slow strip tease for me which was a real turn on. She joined me for a cuddle and light kissing on the chair before getting down to business. She was very accommodating and had no restrictions. Definitely 100% GFE. If you see her be sure to treat her like the proper lady that she is. One of the best I have seen.