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Author: LJ, Jan/11/2000 04:22:57 [-05 EST]

Just got back from Bunnies. It was if possible even deader than Saturday afternoon. Total of five customers all night and about 7 or 8 girls. Most customers and dancers spent most of the night next door at the bar which can serve while Bunnies is still without a license. I got dances from Sharon, she's the German girl with long brown hair and long elegant legs and from Jennifer, a very young looking blonde with hair to her butt and big fake boobs. Sharon was excellent Jennifer was ok, but nothing special. Would have tried Sandra, but she asked for $100.00 minimum. Also drove one of the dancers home, which was a very nice experience. If anyone goes and gets a dance from a real stunner who's calling herself Louisiana, please e-mail me with details. I'll be pleased to exchange good info about her or any of the others with details about my drive home.

Author: lebaron, Jan/12/2000 17:49:53 [-05 EST]

was at bunnies last nite. 5 or 6 customers staring blankly into space for hours...waiting...for what? 5 or 6 dancers, mostly fat-farm drop-outs sitting around smoking,eating & drinking. more staff than customers/dancers combined and they all seemed fresh out (dropped-out) of high-school, goof-ball high it seems, after talking to a couple of them and seeing them at play in the empty Bunnies recess yard. One of the former managers of Bunnies who told me his name is Ralph, was seen next door at Goddess mopping the floors and polishing the mirrors. You know the guy... short, chubby, long-laired, goateed, dwarfish Rasputin-like character who walked around Bunnies like the place was full of cops. Well Ralph, you were was full of fuckin cops. How's your pimping case going? Oh yeah, I spoke to man who came in and seemed as if this place was his home...he knew all the staff & dancers. Apparently, he is the lawyer for Bunnies and he told me he is representing some of the dancers & staff who were arrested during the oct raid. He said the police have a vendetta against the owner and that no prostitution ever happened at Bunnies. Yeah guys! he's right... all those hjs,bjs & fs we paid for & got were just a dream a figment of our imagination. He is a short, squat, very large-headed man, reminds me of a jewish Barney Rubble. Oh yeah he said is name is Lewis Fried or something like that. I'd say more like Lewis fried-eggs- -for- brains. Pity the poor dancers who have this pea-brain representing them.

Author: Mr.Slate, Jan/12/2000 19:53:12 [-05 EST]

Thats pretty funny lebaron!.Seems as though you know a lot about the place yourself.You are right about the place though,there is too much crap going on over there.If you visit again,don't get caught with your pants down!.

Author: john522, Jan/20/2000 22:22:29 [-05 EST]

Action was nowhere on the main floor, however I was taken upstairs by the goddess Tiffany. Man it was like old times The entrance to the rooms upstairs is behind the coat check-in & the $10 VIP. It was just like before. Massage table, bed, shower, towels etc. $40 to get up there, however they don't let every up there. Only those that they recognize. Massage table, bed, figure it out yourselves. Who says Bunnies is dead. Will trade info on this aspect of Bunnies with any others who have also enjoyed the pleasure of being up there.

Author: LJ, Feb/3/2000 08:55:05 [-05 EST]

They must be losing money hand over fist at this place, and yet they're still chargina $5.00 admission and $25.00 to get into the VIP. I went to Bunnies last night around 1:30 and the doorman warned me they only had about 3 dancers. Actually there were five. Not a single other customer in the place. Got dances from Sharon and Louisiana, two lovely European ladies, (German and Czech respectively). The dances were close and both girls are very sexy, but there were NO extras available. I spoke to Chelsea and one of the other girls who's name escapes me, and they both confirmed what Sharon and Louisiana told me - that the club is keeping a really close eye on the girls and dismissing them permenantly if they are found going to far. I guess they do not want to jeopardize they're liqour application. I still had fun because the ratio was 5 to 1 and all the girls were beautiful. Lastly, some time ago there was a post from a 'John' someone or other who claimed to have been taken upstairs to a room you get to from behind the cloak room. He said he's very well known at Bunnies and that they don't take just anyone up there. I asked Sharon how many VIP areas there are and she said "Two", there used to be three but the one upstairs got trashed some time ago during a raid and was never repaired or re-opened. She said anyone who says they've been up there in the last year is lying. I e-mailed the fellow who posted this info as soon as he had posted, and he never replied so I'm inclined to believe his whole post was bogus.

Author: Shimya, Mar/17/2000 14:22:16 [-05 EST]

Returned to Bunnies after a long absence last night. I was in the area and decided to drop by. No liqour licence though. It wasvery dead, but there were a few pretty women there. After sipping my coke for an hour I decided on Jamie. I was her first customer for the night and it was about 1 am. I asked why do you bother still working here. She said that there`s 150 percent chance that they will get there liqour licence back on march 29. i told her don`t count on it. She also mentioned that they will be reopening the Fantasia again. Not the same location though. The dances were still very good, though. I`d hate to see this place close down.

Author: Glock, Apr/8/2000 10:02:25 [-05 EST] [DST]

Old habits die hard, and I still can't stay away from Bunnies.Went by last night and still no alcohol, but there were about 20 men and about 12 girls. The girls are still very very good (with the usual exceptions of course)And they were readily available.There are two georgous blondes there that look alot alike (Christina (younger) and Chelsea) WOW. I have had Chelsea dance for me before and it is heaven! Beautiful body, face and personality. But she is just a dancer, so don't waste your time if you want "more". A little middle eastern brunette ( Big nose :( cute though) great close dances, losts of griding etc..... But i think Bunnies is finished with the "days of old" stuff inside the club. But if it is just close inimate dances you want, this is still the BEST place for it. Email me for any other info.

Author: Glock, Apr/28/2000 17:11:01 [-05 EST] [DST] NEWS ARTICLE

Was at Bunnies on Saturday, and as usual about 10-15 guys just sitting there staring out into space...There were about 7-8 girls there, all very attractive. Anyway, went to to my usual Tuesday night visit and the place was closed!! A sign on the door say "Closed for renovations of two weeks starting April 25th" Anyone know what is up? There was no mention of this on the weekend, and I am a VERY regular customer. i don't think the Dancers knew anything about it... I know when bars lose the liquor licence, after all the appeals, one penalty is to shut the doors anywhere from 2 days to.....then when they reopen, they get there licence back. I hope this is the case. Any other insight is welcome.



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