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The Pro Cafe
The Pro is on Doughton, which runs east off Jane, just south of 7.
The corner of Doughton and Jane has a couple of MPs in it, one being Palladium

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Author: Julie Fantiny, Apr/25/2000 11:01:56 [-05 EST] [DST]

The Pro. I have mixed feelings about this place. On the one hand, its very formulaic. The girls hang out at the bar or troll the seats. The all use the same m.o. - "can I sit with you...I'm from Romania/Russia/Mongolia... would you like a sexy dance....I'll come back later". The $10 cover for the VIP, although cheap, is money for nothing as there is absolutely no privacy there (a bouncer even makes the rounds occasionally). There are never more than 2-3 girls you'd want a dance from working at any one time (however, more than the WAGG on this night). On the other hand, the mileage is better than most places, despite the lack of privacy (but not as good as the Cannonball). I had some dances with a Romanian girl named Nicole. Perfect body, blonde, fresh installation of silicone (but nicely shaped and not outrageously large). She provided the mileage customary to this establishment and was exceedingly pretty. However, these Euro imports never sell the illusion of real "interest" in what they're doing, so I always feel a little short changed at the end of the night, especially when you compare the cost to a good MP. Oh well, I just can't seem to stay away from these clubs. I think I delude myself that if I stop going I'm going to miss out on the one evening where the action is "Fantasia Style" (you don't know what you've got till its gone). This is long enough. Summary - WAGG is still not up to snuff, Pro is one of the better spots, but no Fantasia.

Author: Pappa Seeta, Apr/25/2000 11:25:32 [-05 EST] [DST]

If you're looking for higher mileage and at least an order of magnitude greater "interest" from a dancer at the Pro, forget about those E. European Ice Queens that make the rounds. Go to the bar, find a Spanish girl that you find attractive and strike up a conversation. If you find that you get along, ask her for a dance in the VIP. I can almost guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

Author: Mr. X, May/6/2000 02:28:11 [-05 EST] [DST]

haven't been to the pro in several years, and tonite i was a little bored so i thought i would check it out again. now, got there around 9pm... there were more waitresses than dancers for most of the time i was there. some of the girls on stage weren't bad, daphne had an amazing all natural bod. anyway, decided to take the plunge, and ended up woth sasha ( i heard that the spanish girls gave better mileage, and this influenced my decision). sasha is from coata rica, it turns out. anyway, long hair, fake boobs, nice personality though her english needs work. dances were not as good as hoped - nice grinding and teasing, but no playing with kitty. she rubbed mr. happy through my clothes, but not much else to report. looked like other people in the vip were getting better mileage - i would almost swear one girl was giving f/s as she was bouncing up and down on the customer so much. bouncer came in to look around as we were leaving vip. anyway may try the pro cafe again some time, but over all, cannonball is far superior based on my experiences - and defintiely cheaper, no cover to enter club or vip!



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