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This is the article library where you will find articles written by the Hobbiest as well as the SP. The articles can be on any subject that you choose and feel compelled to write about as long as they surround the adult industry. The purpose of the article section is to express opinions in order to
establish more understanding.


- Check your spelling before you submit your article and be sure that it is properly paragraphed.
- Be sure you have a name you would like to attach to the article and email address if you wish it to be shown.
- Preferably keep your articles at a one page length.
- Place a title at the top of your article.
- You may submit the article via email within the email body or in Microsoft Word format.




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'No Shows' Alexia

'Secret feelings of an escort ' Kayla

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'Secret Feelings of a John'
.. by John Smith

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'History of the Toronto Escort Scene'
(A Clients View)

... by Oagre

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.. by David Jones

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... by Robhood

'Most Perplexing Sex Questions'
... by Glamour

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... by Julie Fantiny

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... by Arnie