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No Shows....

When I receive a call inquiring about my services, almost all of the time the gentleman will ask "how much notice do you need?" I require an hours notice. If the appt. is booked the day before, or even 12 hours in advance, I ask for the person to call and confirm about an hour before the appt. I also ask that if there is a problem, and you have to cancel, that I receive a phone call letting me know.

Well, this is not always the way it goes. Just the other day, I had appts. booked from 1 PM to 6 PM. Others were calling, and to say the least were not impressed that I had no openings. They got turned away, but the clients that had previously booked a time with me, did not show. So, I lost income, other clients got turned away, then they may have ended up seeing an "SP" they didn't initially intend to see. I understand this is a part of the business, but I feel it happens too often. If you have a doctor's appt, or have a time booked with a real estate agent, but suddenly can't show, would you call to cancel? Of course you would.

Just to be courteous, and not waste their time. I would enjoy the same appreciation, and respect. I do my very best to show my clients respect with things like offering a beverage, trying to accommodate them considering their schedule, or not booking back to back appts. so you don't bump into my last client as he leaves. I sure wish clients would be more courteous with cancellations.

Article written by Alexia


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