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Author's Note - The articles that I write, are only my opinion and my experiences, not to say that every other SP feels in any way, shape or form, the same way as I do. I am not meaning to shove my values or opinions down anyone's throat.

Color on the streets

If you are a black man and you have tried to pick up a girl on the street, this article is about why you are refused.

I can't speak for now, but when I used to work outside, most of the pimps were black. The rules on the street were, 'never look at a man in the eyes let alone talk to him.' If you did, you were charged with a fine. The men took advantage of this in many ways. Some of them would play tricks to capture a girl even if the girl did not want to be with them (work for them). They would dress and act like a client, drive around downtown until some poor naive girl would be convinced that he was a client, take him back to her hotel to service him. Of course, he would pay his money, get his service, then the bomb hit. He would fess up to being a pimp and of course now, because she has slept with him, she now belonged to him. This was the game. In this case, the girl generally loses. The pimp then approaches her old pimp and tells him that he has slept with her and her old pimp either pays a fine, if the new pimp decides that is what he wants, or, he has to give up the girl and the new pimp now has her. If the old pimp does opt for the fine and pays it, the girl would get a beating for sleeping with a 'live man' (pimp). Either way, the girl loses.

I received an email a while back from a man asking me if I knew why the girls outside would pay no attention to him and I explained to him the same story. I heard that there are incall girls who will also not see black men. I can't speak for anyone but I heard from a few that it was not necessarily because they have a pimp, but more so that they are afraid of the man arriving being involved in the 'game' (prostitution business).

It's an unfair reality for the black man, but even more unfair for the SP who has no choice but to have a pimp to work the streets. Only if a girl has been working for a very long time and has a respectful reputation would she get away with working outside without a man. Of course I assume that some things have changed since then.



Article written by Kayla



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