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Dancer's Greed

As an avid follower of the Dancer scene for over 8 years, Cannonball is not the only club with a reputation for rip-off artists. Second in line, is Locomotion, at Dixie & Eglinton Ave West (Toronto). I feel Club Owners should be more careful when allowing freelancers to work their Clubs. These girls have no remorse about the customers, as their intent is to make MONEY, and only MONEY. Most freelancers care little for the reputation of the Club, as they are there only for a few weeks and than off they go to another Club. A few advice words when "qualifying a dancer". 1. Stay with the House girls. And ask them if they are freelancers, if so avoid them. 2. If a Dancer teels you that she gives "good dances", stay away, this is the Old "Bait and Hook Trick" that has been around for Years. 3. Avoid dancers who float from one table to another, most often they ask customers for a dance, and when he says no, she just grudges and off to the next. What ever happened to finese. 4. Ask dancers if she would like a drink and sit and talk for a bit. By drink, try coffee or pop (ie non-alcoholic), this way you try to build an element of neutral trust, if she say no and moves on Ok. Most dancers have a pre-determined objective in mind when entering clubs (ie. intend to make $600 for the night, meaning she has no time because her intent is to hustle until she attains her goal For what its worth thse few words can go a long way to better your expience. Why you ask. This comes from a guy who dated 2 Dancers(ie. Girlfriend/Boyfriend Live-In Relationship) over the past 3 Years, so I tend to have an idea how some dancers tend to think. Remeber, Dancers are their to make Money, not to FIND A BOYFREIND.

Author: Yuri, Mar/27/2000 22:10:40 [-05 EST]




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