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I first began driving many years ago, strictly by accident. I was having dinner at a neighbour's when the telephone rang. "B" told me that she had to go to work suddenly. She asked if I could drive her and she would pay me a taxi fee. I agreed and went to get my car while she changed. When she got in the car, she told me that she was a part time escort. I thought it was pretty exciting. I had never met an escort before. She gave me an address and away we went. At that point, I was given a few simple, common sense rules. Never use her real name and never use my real name (privacy is very important). Never mix business and pleasure. Keep your business life separate from your private life. No drugs, no drinking, no fast or dangerous driving (no cops). Even smoking was out. No bad smells. All I had to do was drive to an address, drop her off at the front door and be waiting when she came down one hour later. If she was more than ten minutes late, I would buzz and call "taxi". That only happened once. "B" was never late. She knew her clients very well. She had screened them all thoroughly. Her clients treated her like a lady. Some even better. Many of them treated her like a favourite niece. Some clients invited her for dinner and nothing else. She also had some strange clients. One client only wanted her to sit naked and share a bottle of wine. One wanted her to perform fake oral sex on a banana while he did himself. Some clients invited her to their office in the evenings for an hour of dicktation. One managed an ice rink and liked to use the rink after everyone went home. One owned a restaurant and she used to go at closing time. When she came out, she had been paid and tipped, usually a tray full of gourmet food (my favourite client). "B" was very easy going, but had her own rules. Strange was okay, but kinky was not. No pain, no s&m;, no bondage. The girl/girl scene had to be a girl of her choosing, someone she knew and trusted, like her sister, or a close friend. But her clients knew this and understood. If she ever got in trouble, I was downstairs waiting, but she never had trouble. Lay out the rules before you leave home, select your clients carefully, business first, pleasure later, have a backup plan ready. Even then she carried a spray can with her. "B" always told her clients that she was a regular person, with a regular family, a regular home, a dog, and regular friends. She was no different than they were. Her job was just a job. She would tell them, 'You're a painter and you sell your painting service. I'm an escort and I sell escort service.' It always seemed to work. We were out having dinner one night on the way to drop her at a client. As we were sitting in the restaurant, a couple walked by and "B" started to laugh. It seems the gentleman was the client she was going to visit. She knew him, but didn't recognize the lady. When I picked her up later, she told me that she had met the lady, the client's wife and she was very nice. Sometimes I didn't get the whole story. Her clients were normal businessmen who liked to enjoy life without any hitches or ties. I was the taxi driver and friend. I understood her work and it didn't interfere with our friendship. We were always good neighbours and friends. She finally retired and my driving days were temporarily over...for a few months...

Arnie [email protected]




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