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50 of the Most Perplexing Sex Questions and Answers:
Written by Caroline Bollinger
((Courtesy of 'Glamour' issue June 2000)

(I couldn't resist, I had to add my two cents to some of this article. You will see my personal and humble opinion written in pink...Kayla.)

You've read a lot about sex and had a lot of sex. In fact, you're so full of carnal knowledge, you know just about everything right? Wrong! To expand the scope of your erotic expertise, Glamour answered these 50 sex questions, proving that sex ed is never over - no matter how long it's been since your last high school health class.

1. When does a man's penis reach it's full size?
"On average, at 17," says Dudly S. Danoff, M.D., senior attending urologist at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. "Plus at that age, his stamina and libido are at their peak levels."

2. Are the clitoris and the penis formed from the same type of tissue?
Yes. During the first four weeks of their development, genitals exist only as a raised ridge on the embryo; during week five, distinctive sex organs start to develop out of that ridge, eventually becoming male or female genitalia. "The clitoris is really a little penis without a hole, made from the same sensitive erectile tissue," explains Dr. Danoff.

3. How long is the average erect penis?
A little over six inches. But the largest erect penis ever medically verified measured 13 1/2 inches long and 6 1/4 inches around. Makes you breathe a sigh of relief that your man is only average, right?

4. How much larger does the vagina become during arousal?
On average, it lengthens two inches and widens two inches. "It's called the tenting effect," says Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., president of the American Association of Sex Educators, counselors and Therapists. But you'll need a lot more "tenting" if you ever encounter a 13 1/2 inch penis.

5. How much do woman's nipples swell when she is aroused?
they can enlarge up to 25 percent over their regular size.

6. What's more important for a woman's pleasure, penis girth or length?
Girth. The thicker the penis, the more stimulation you'll feel in the first third of your vagina which is packed with pleasure-producing never endings, says Barbara Keesling, Ph.D., human-sexuality instructor at California State University, Fullerton. "During orgasm, the muscle spasms here are extremely intense." (Most men seem to think that the longer they are or the deeper they push, the better that it feels for the woman. It is the friction against her inner-lips that will cause her to orgasm more so than how deep you go. So .. the more in and out action is what counts in the long run!)

7. How does sex affect your heart?
Doing the deed can send a person's blood pressure and heartbeat soaring to twice their normal rate. "Sex is as beneficial an exercise as biking or walking, "says Colman Ryan, M.D., a cardiologist at the San Francisco Heart Institute.

8. Can a healthy person have a heart attack during sex?
Yes, but the risk is only about one in a million. "The chance is extremely low, even for people with cardiovascular disease," says Dr.Ryan.

9. How many people masturbate at least once a week?
About 27 percent of guys and 8 percent of women claim they go solo weekly, according to The Social Organization of Sexuality (The University of Chicago Press), a survey of sexual behavior based on interviews with thousands of Americans. "But these are people who admit to masturbating," says Suzi Landolphi, author of Hot, Sexy and Safer (Putnam Berkley). "The real numbers are probably much higher." ( I would have to disagree to this according to what I have heard.. 80% of men masturbate. Most men don't like to admit it. I do believe that women are more embarrassed to admit that they masturbate though. Personally, I think admission of masturbation is more of a turn on and healthy for your confidence level.)

10. How many self-pleasurers feel guilty afterward?
Approximately half. "I can't understand why, since masturbating is the best way to learn about partnered sex," asserts Betty Dodson, Ph.D., sexologist and author of Sex for One (Three Rivers Press). "Studies show that women who masturbate are more orgasmic that women who don't." So drop the guilt and give yourself a hand. (Wow.. that is sad!)

11. When were the first vibrators invented?
In 1869, the first steam-powered massage devices were marketed as a treatment for female "hysteria." Hmm.. do you think those primitive passion gadgets whistled each time a woman reached Kingdom come?

12. How many couples bring battery-operated buddies and other sex toys into the bedroom? Ten percent - or 13.9 million people - according to the National Sexual Health Survey.

13. Can most women orgasm via intercourse alone?
No. Studies, including the Kinsey Institute Report, found that almost all women need direct or indirect clitoral stimulation in order to climax. So they really needed research to prove that?
(I believe that sex begins in the mind for a woman. Depending on how aroused she is inside of her thoughts, this will depend on if she can orgasm with intercourse. A good lover would be able to make a woman so crazy to have something inside of her before the intercourse even begins.)

14. How many women claim they don't need to be touched blow the belt to have an orgasm? About 5 percent say they can climax by having their breasts played with, crossing their thighs, or even by fantasizing hands-free, says Susan Crain Bakos, Author of Still Sexy (St.Martins Press). What else can we say? Rock on, sisters!

15. How long, on average, does it take a man to climax?
About three minutes; women reach peak after 15 minutes. "In the 1950's, the Kinsey report clocked the average guy in a two and a half minutes, so that's 30 extra seconds in 50 years," says Dodson. Can we expect men to last three and a half minutes by 2050?

16. What is semen made of?
Ejaculate is the mostly seminal fluid is composed of sugar and protein that nourish the sperm," says Laurence Levine, M.D., director of male sexual health at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center in Chicago.

17. How much fat does semen contain?
If it were stocked on supermarket shelves, semen would be packaged as a fat free food, coming in (no pun intended) at about 40 calories.

18. Why do men sometimes ejaculate a lot of semen and sometimes very little?
It has nothing to do with how good he's feeling - it has everything to do with how long it's been since he last came. The longer the wait, the bigger the burst.

19. How much to men usually ejaculate at a time?
About one teaspoonful.

20. How many sperm are contained in the average ejaculation?
Sperm count can range from as low as 40 million to more than 300 million sperm per ejaculation.

21. Why does one breast usually hang lower that the other?
"Few breasts are perfectly symmetrical," explains David Kallenberger, M.S., an ob-gyn at the Henry G. Bennett Jr. Fertility Institute in Oklahoma City. "One is generally slightly larger than the other, and it'll hang lower than the smaller one."

22. Why does a man's left testicle hang lower than his right?
"The spermatic vein from the kidney to the left testicle is longer than the vein to the right testicle, so gravity weighs it down a bit more," says Dr.Danoff.

23. Are men and women infected with herpes in equal numbers?
No. About one in five men and one in four women are infected. "Women are more susceptible because their genitals have a larger surface area of mucosal tissue, which is where the virus takes hold," explains Leigh Jolly, manager of the National Herpes Resource Center in Durham, North Carolina.

24. If you have herpes, will you definitely know it?
No. Most people who have herpes aren't aware that they have the incurable virus. "Symptoms can be so mild and infrequent, they're mistaken for an ingrown hair, rash or pimple," Jolley says. To know for sure, ask your gyno for the POCkit, a new blood test that detects herpes simplex virus 2 even if you show no symptoms.

25. How much worse is the herpes problem now than a generation ago?
Thirty percent more people have herpes now than in the 1970s. The likely explanation: More people are having oral sex- taboo in previous generations - thus transmitting the virus to the genitals via cold sores from the mouth, says Jolley.

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