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50 of the Most Perplexing Sex Questions and Answers:
Written by Caroline Bollinger
(Courtesy of 'Glamour' issue June 2000)

26. What's the most common STD?
Human Papillomavirus (HMV), which can cause genital warts. An estimated 75 percent of adults harbor the virus, even though most don't show symptoms, according to the National HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention Resource Center. Signs include unusual, painless, fleshy bumps on or around the genitals. As with herpes, you don't need to have symptoms to pass on the virus. If you do have HPV, don't skip out on your yearly Pap smear - some strains may put you at higher risk of cervical cancer.

27. Are environmental toxins lowering sperm counts?
Relax, baby-makers: New research from the University of Southern California's Keck School of Medicine shows that sperm counts have remained steady in the United Sates since a landmark study conducted 50 years ago. The new study examined men who were part of an infertile couple and were expected to have sperm problems. Since most of these men had normal sperm problems. Since most of these men had normal sperm counts, scientists say it gives credence to the idea that the counts aren't changing.

28. What's the most common bacterial STD?
Chlamydia. Women often have no symptoms of this infection, which, if left untreated, can lead to infertility, warns Linda Alexander, Ph.D., president of the American Social Health Association.

29. Does having sex before playing sports really deplete a guy's energy?
No. There's no connection between getting horizontal and how well he performs on the court or ball field.

30. Is it rare for a woman to climax quickly?
No. Up to 14 percent of women in their twenties and thirties say climaxing too early is their biggest sexual dysfunction, according to The Social Organization of Sexuality. Wait - can someone explain what the dysfunction is here? (Personally, I found through maturity that I want to take my time to make it explosive, not just a quick fix.)

31. How many guys think they climax too early?
About 30 percent of men between 25 and 40 say they come too quickly. (I would say more around 60%)

32. How many men say they have trouble getting an erection?
Between 7 and 10 percent of thirtysomething men can't keep it up, according to The Social Organization of Sexuality. But at that age, it's probably a psychological rather than medical problem, says Dr.Danoff.

33. Do all men love sex?
No. Five to 9 percent of men say they don't find physical passion pleasurable.

34. If you fantasize about a female friend, does it mean you're gay?
No. It's normal to imagine sexual situations you would never act out in real life. And if you do catch yourself having this female - oriented fantasy, Keesling says you're not alone - sex with another woman is one of the most common fantasies among straight women.

35. Is the taste of a man's semen affected by what he eats?
Yes. "If guy drinks a lot of coffee, his semen will often taste slightly bitter," says Sari Locker, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex (Alpha Books). And then there's the debate about vegetarians' versus meat-eaters' semen: Some women claim vegetarian tastes sweeter. Tofu, anyone? (It is also affected by any medication, drugs or alcohol. The bitterness is profound.)

36. How many couples have oral sex regularly?
Only 25 percent of couples take their mouths south on a steady basis, according to The Social Organization of Sexuality.

37. Do guys love having their neck kissed as much as women do?
No. "Guys prefer aggressive mouth kissing," says William Cane, author of The Art of Kissing (St.Martins Press). (Most men like having their nipples kissed as much as a woman.)

38. How many people like to show their affection in public?
Ninety-eight percent of both men and women love to lock lips in the open, Cane Says. (This I find hard to believe. Sounds almost as though the people they polled were afraid to say their true feelings.)

39. How many women use birth control during sex?
Sixty-four percent are covered when they hit the sheets, according to a survey from the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

40. What's the most popular Baby-busting method in America?
Sterilization, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation: Twenty-eight percent of women have undergone a tubal ligation, while 11 percent of men have been snipped - aka, had a vasectomy.

41. What's the most popular birth control method for women in their twenties? The Pill. But just 27 percent of all women count on it to keep from getting pregnant.

42. Do many women who use contraception get pregnant anyway?
Yes - 47 percent, mainly due to incorrect use. And you wondered why condom packages came with instructions.

43. Do condoms help a man last longer?
Yes. Guys who wear condoms during sex last about three minutes longer than guys who ride bareback. One more reason to burn rubber.

44. What's the number-one male fantasy?
Most guys say - surprise! - that their top fantasy involves sex with their current partner. "Men love variety, but they also feel satisfied by the familiar," explains Locker. "But he may spice up that fantasy by imagining another woman or exotic location." (Now this is truly BS! lmao! I would say.. most men fantasize about being with two women at once.)

45. What contraception method has the highest failure?
Spermicide, which will backfire 30 percent of the time when used on its own, warns Alexander Sanger, senior advisor of Planned Parenthood in New York City.

46. When it comes to sex, what activity do men like best?
Vaginal intercourse ranks number one, while receiving oral sex rates third. Watching a woman take her clothes off is a guy's second-favorite ecstasy activity, according to The Social Organization of Sexuality. (I would say that the second favorite would be watching a woman masturbate and bring herself to orgasm or touching herself, then I would say receiving oral is third.)

47. How many men are monogamous?
More than you might think: Sixty-seven percent report being monogamous for at least a year; 46 percent have been monogamous for five years.

48. How many women were in love when they first had sex?
Fifty-five percent. "But most regret it, saying it didn't feel good or they were pressured to do it," says Shmuley Boteach, Author of Dating Secrets of the Ten Commandments (Doubleday)

49. How many men were in love when they first had sex?
Thirty-one percent. "Men get turned on just looking at a woman; they don't need to feel like they're in love to be ready for sex," explains Nancy Fagan, Psy.D., a San Diego-based therapist and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Romance (Alpha Books).

50. How often does the average man have sex?
About six times per month - or a whopping 1.5 times per week, says The Social Organization of Sexuality. Gee, who can fit so much erotic action into their schedule, anyway?







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