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My First Time

Throughout my adult life I have gotten a great deal of amusement from the Adult Classifieds in Now and Eye magazine. Even though I had a decent salary, I never seriously considered getting myself serviced. I'm from a small city in Ontario where an activity of that nature was something for the movies not for real life. A few years ago after using the ATM, I would often find myself at the local second-hand CD store stocking up on albums by U2 and Duran Duran. That was my passion. Nearbye my favourite CD store was Rose's Chinese Massage Parlour. I couldn't help but wonder.

At that time, I was dating a very beautiful and charming nurse. As part of our relationship I was coerced into massaging her often. The demands of her job left her frequently fatigued. The massages she gave me were rough, non-erotic and rather unenjoyable. Nevertheless through this experience I did get exposed to the joy of massage. Her joy. After a stressful few months at work, It became very clear that I would soon become a customer of this business.

I went in to investigate and saw the prices on the counter. I also saw the advertizement in the newspaper and noted the reference to "full body" massage. After spending Saturday at the office helping with a training seminar, I cycled excitedly to the MP. I was apprehensive and wasn't sure what it was all about. I said to myself "Be a man. Don't be nervous". I even took my money out of my wallet and into my pocket so that I could pay quickly without fumbling. I was given the choice of two ladies. Rose was about 45 and her helper, whose name I don't recall, was about 30 and somewhat attractive. I chose the helper. She led me to room and gestered for me to go inside. Then she closed the super-flimsy door.

I started looking around for a few minutes. Then she came back and look surprised. In extremely broken English she told me to take off my clothes. How was I supposed to know that? She returned a few minutes later and found me lying face down on the massage table. That part I figured out. She started massaging my back and it felt fantastic. We talked a little bit. She told me that she was from China and had been in Canada for only two months. We giggled. I felt comfortable with her company and enjoyed her attention. After about twenty minutes, I started asking myself "is she going to massage my front? Did I miss something?". I asked her about this and she said she would start in a few minutes. Talk about anticipation.

As expected, she asked me to turn over and stopped massaging me for a moment so that she could put a different kind of oil on her hands. It was baby oil from Shopper's Drug Mart. I had never imagined baby oil being so useful. She spent about two minutes massaging my legs before she started on Mr. Happy. She seemed a little embarrassed about the whole event but went about her business with care. After about five minutes it became clear that her technique and my mindset were not going to produce immediate fireworks. Then our time was up. I asked her if she could stay longer and she said it would cost 10 more dollars. After giving my money to the boss, she returned and finished me off. I wish the pleasure could have lasted forever. Little did I realize that I had just began a fascinating new hobby.

Article written by David Jones



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