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My Outlook

I would have to say that my whole outlook changed on the buisiness after I graduated from MPs to SPs.

I was going to one MP for a long time and was very comfortable there the ladies all new me I felt safe. The cost was fixed and you knew what to expect and the odd time you got a little more from the ladies because the timing was right or something happened on that day to spark the extra interest. But for the most part it was an assembly line opperation that extracted money from men for the satisfaction provided. No emotional ties or feelings.

"Thanks for the rub see you next time"

Then I discovered SPs This is a whole new ball game. The intimate contact shared makes you feel something for the SP

Some people feel guilty some take pity some are plain rude.

I feel a bit on the guilty side. Not for why you think though. Especially if the chemistry is right and We both have a few very good sessions together. I often wonder if the sex is so much fun, what about her makes it so and why??

Then you leave and don't get a chance to explore all those things that lead up to the "GOOD SEX" Maybe the fact you don't know her makes it good???

As for why I use SPs.

It is every mans ultimate ego rush to have an SP get up after a session soaking wet and with that look in her eyes and say" So where did you learn how to do that" and "When are you going to make another appointment"

It has happened to me twice. And If it happens to you then and only then will you understand why I do this.

For you ladies out there that are good at what you do. Thanks C2

Written by C2



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