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So Many Rip Offs

Just want to say I have been reading these posts for a couple of months now,for the last 7 years or so I have been a MP addict.For the last year I have curbed my urges due to the bad experiances I have encountered and by reading these posts I see I am not the only one. I can not count the number of times I have gone to a new place and have paid for a half hour and got 15 minutes,or they get "Willy" real hard and hold him in thier hand and say "you want more?that will be extra" the last place I went to I had one lady say she wanted 140 bucks for a reverse when I could go somewhere else for 40 or 50 bucks. I have read about some ladies coming in throwong a wet towel on you and saying C ya!! I could fill a whole page on these rip off joints but I do not want to take up space. In a previous post I have asked if anyone knows Katrina formerly of downsview health studio, this place by far was one of the upscale places where I was guaranteed what I wanted and the ladies made you feel like you were the only one for them(most of the time) it was a shame they had closed. After reading some of the reviews here I am ready to go back to my hobby and I want to thank you all for the reviews and keep up the good work :):):) I also think that these "clip joints" that offer FULL BODY and do not deliver should give us all a rebate for wasting our time!!! Lol

Author: Highwaymn, Mar/25/2000 11:31:00 [-05 EST]


Amen! Most men eat it.....!!!!!

Thanks Highwaymn!! Most men on this board eat their disatisfaction, in their pathetic geek-like way. They spend money, get robbed, and are happy with their meagre view of the pink. I cannot understate how bad the service in this city is as far as MP's go. Frankly, Nikki of 490 Yonge is not that spectacular--it just turns out that she's darn good in a sea of awful. Most men are rather simple in their desires: to feel comforted and accepted in the midst of a sexy thing who carries herself with grace and offers a glimmer of the Nasty. It's narrative for God's sake!!

Author: MoneySpender, Mar/25/2000 18:37:35 [-05 EST]


It's not just at MP's

I had a stripper offer to have "a great time" with her at my place for a mere $500. per hour I just about threw my drink at her. Why do these ladies think that they are worth that kind of money? and do people actually pay it to them?

Author: pablo, Mar/25/2000 14:10:19 [-05 EST]


$500 per hr?

Wow...she must have been quite the looker! LOL I had a stripper in Mississauga (don't remember the club, but all the girls let you play with and suck their breasts), offer me a "full evening" for $500 (no time limit, but I"m sure that was just a come on). She was a Pamela Anderson look-a-like college student, complete with large firm implants. I didn't mind the implants (but prefer natuaal), but didn't care for her attitude, so I passed.

Author: hg, Mar/25/2000 18:12:13 [-05 EST]


Pami Anderson Look-a-Like

I think I know which dancer you were refering to as the Pami Anderson look-alike. Also appeared in the 2000 Toronto SunShine Girl Calender. See 1st girl for calender. As far as the $500 Dollar unlimited time, do not be fooled. Her act is as outcall to a Hotel some of the dancers there use on a regularly basis, at Dixie and 401, south about 1/4 mile, so add at least $150 to total. After a session, about 1 Hour, she conveniently gets a CellTelephone call, wherein she has to leave for an emergency. So the cost is really at a rate of $650/Hr. (OUCH). If you try her services be carefull, her BoyFriend is well contected to Toronto's finest, and these Pro's take precautions, as as keeping a record of your plate number.

Author: Yuri, Mar/25/2000 21:57:24 [-05 EST]


thanks for the warning.....

...hmmmm....maybe Kayla should have a section set aside for "popular scams".

Author: hg, Mar/26/2000 00:31:30 [-05 EST]


Popular Scams

I totally agree, noted would help as a "Clear and Present Danger". Problem would be that such a site/board, would be the validity of the tales of the unknown. By that one would have to contend with issues of legitimate "Scams" vs. "Frustrated Customers". Also issue of personal liability, if names and businesses are mentioned. I am not a lawyer but this could lead to claims of deflamitory chararter and could cause a more enlightened individual to sue the Writers and close the site. Someting to think about I would say.

Author: Yuri, Mar/26/2000 10:36:56 [-05 EST]




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