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One big rant....

Ok I am going to ramble on her for a while and I hope it dosen't make you guys thing I am a bitch but it has to be said.

Cancellations- Since it is on topic here lately I will discuss it first. Not from the client side but from the SP side. It really frustrates me when I have an appointment booked and the client is a no show and doesen't even have the decency to call. I sit around waiting thinking they mey be running late and waste half of my day when I could have taken other bookings or got some errands done. We are people too and I know most of you guys have the decency to call but to those of you who don't or come up with some lame excuse that you want the call to show up on your bill or some other crap all it takes is 2 min of your time and a few quarters in the corner payphone. Don't be a jerk, call and let us know We all have bills to pay and a living to earn and after all it is just common courtesy.

Rules- It always amazes me when guys say oh well I am clean and I am sure you can break some of those rule for me you have nothing to worry about. Well I used to tell my clients " yeah what if I belived the last guy who told me that and he wasn't ok? Do you wan't what he had?" Guys we set our rules for reasons, not because we are punishing you or because we don't like to do it. I would love to plant a big sloppy one on some of my clients but if that was the case then I would only be contributing to the spread of disease. And I don't just mean STD's I am talking about colds, flu, strep, etc, etc.... I know that I can't afford to be sick and I am sure many of you can't either. Not to mention who would want to be sick anyway.

Phone Calls- I dont' know about everyone else but I absolutely cannot stand it when people call and call. I mean I appreciate the calls and stuff but sometimes I wan't to have a quiet day at home with no interruptions, we need days off to you know. I get people calling me I watch the phone ring see who it is just to make sure it isn't my mom or something and next thing you know they cal back 5, 6, 7 times in a row! Like leave a message for gods sake and if I m working I will call you back. I mean is it really neccesary to call 10-15 times in 1 hour? That just deterrs me from seeing the person. If someone is that obsessive there must be something a little loose upstairs!

Emails- Again I don't know about everyone else but I hate rude emails. I really don't need to get emails to the effect of... I need to f**k you right now. Please be a little more tactful when sending emails. There are more creative & polite ways to say it you just need to think about it. Ask the questions you want but be polite about it.

Ok I think that is it .

Please don't get me wrong I love what I do. The jerks are the ones who make me not like it. Thank god they are few and far between, but they still get to you sometimes and sometimes things need to be said. I am not sure why some guys think they can talk to us or treat us like they do. We are people too and we deserve respect. Well most of us do anyway! Just because of what we do it doesn't men that we should be pushed down the "social ladder"

Again I just want to note this is not directed towards all hobbyists. The guys that do these things know who they are.

Just remember we are not the only ones who "sell ourselves" We ALL sell ourselves in one way or another.

Just something to think about.

Article written by Sasha


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