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How to satisfy woman:

1. Start off with a lot of kissing. Women often complain that men don't kiss them enough especially after they have been with the for a while. You can never go wrong with long passionate exploring kissing.

2. Learn how to give her a sensual massage. At least caress every inch of her body with long soft strokes. She will love you for this. Kiss and taste every inch of her body except her vagina. Kiss her neck, breasts, tummy.

3. Spend allot of time touching and stroking her inner thighs. But don't touch her vagina yet! You want to tease her and build up the anticipation.

4. After a few minutes of this teasing, gently rest the heel of your hand right above her pubic hair on her pubic bone and cup your hand over her vagina. Don't touch her yet but get your hand so close that she can feel the heat from your hand. During all of this you should be next to her kissing her on the mouth or kissing and sucking her breast and nipples.

5. Now take your hand and put to fingers on each side of her vagina ( you will have fingers split where you have your 1st and 2nd fingers on one side >and your 3rd and 4th on the other side) and gently and slow the rub the whole area in a circle clockwise Do this for 2-3 minutes.

6. Spread her vaginal lips apart by spreading your fingers apart and then bring your finger and her lips back together. Do this as you continue to rub in the circular motion that you started in step 5. Do this until you can feel her wetness seep through to your fingers.

7. Put your middle finger right on the opening of her vagina and slowly and gently tease and rub around the edge of the opening. ( You are still next to her kissing her and sucking her nipples at the same time) Continue teasing her in this way. Ask her if she likes it or tell her that you love to touch her as you continue to do this.

8. Very slowly insert your finger in to her vagina about �" and continue the circular motion. For a minute or two. ( make sure before do this that your fingernails are trimmed and filed and don. t have any sharp or jagged edged. Or you will hurt her and ruin the whole process!)

9. Side your finger in deeper to her GSA ( Remember how to find it above). And slowly massage the area in a small circle with very light pressure (About the same pressure that you would apply chap stick or lip balm to you lips with your finger.)

10. After a minute or two of this she will really start moving and you will see that she is very, very turned on. At this point you can increase the pressure slightly. And continue the stroke.

11. You should now add a second finger either your 1st or 3rd which ever you prefer. And continue the motion for 1-2 minutes. Now you will add in three other strokes to the technique. In the first one you will use both of your fingers and curl them back toward your palm stroking the top wall of her vagina and the GSA area right behind the pubic bone. You should start off with the same pressure that you have been using and you can use more pressure once she is very aroused!

12. In the second stroke you will hook your fingers around her pubic bone and put pressure directly on her G-Spot ( remember it' s about the size of a dime or nickel and will feel a little rougher in texture than the surrounding area) and make a in and out vibration type of movement keeping the pressure on her G-Spot.

13. The third stroke is very similar to the first but in stead of curling your finger toward your self for the movement you will keep your fingers hooked around the pubic bone and your fingers will keep constant pressure on her GSA, but you will also slide your finger tips back and forth over the entire GSA and in and out of that nook where your have your fingers hooked around the pubic bone.

14. Start with the first new stroke and try that for a minute or two. Ask her how it feels to her, then try the second stroke and the third. See which one she feels the best to her. And continue with one of the 4 strokes you now have learned.

15. Continue stimulation. You may at this point may begin to feel deep muscle contractions in her vaginal walls and you may also feel her vaginal muscles tighten around your fingers. This is a good sign an means she is on her way to a vaginal orgasm. Alternately you may feel her vagina get looser and balloon outward and get very wet suddenly this is also a signal that she is approaching an G-spot or vaginal orgasm and possibly even a ejaculatory orgasm.

16. At this point she is only a few minutes away from a very powerful deep vaginal orgasm. It could be anywhere from another 2 minutes to 10 minutes. So keep up the stimulation and also talk to her and tell her how much she turns you on and tell her to cum for you, and how beautiful she is. Her mind is the most powerful sex organ she has so you should stimulate her mind as well by talking to her. If you know that she likes to talk dirty then this is the perfect time for that.

Article written by Robhood



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