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Author's Note - The articles that I write, are only my opinion and my experiences, not to say that every other SP feels in any way, shape or form, the same way as I do. I am not meaning to shove my values or opinions down anyone's throat.

Turn Off's

Expectations are great when you have good reviews. The abbreviation, 'YMMV' is true to a great degree in a few cases. So, to explain this thoroughly for myself and my fellow SP's I have decided to put it into an article.

I go to extra lengths to be very hygienic. I buy the nice smelling soaps to avoid wearing perfume, shave daily, bathe numerous times a day and so on. So I get this gentleman in here a couple of weeks ago. Very friendly man. Very unclean. His skin actually felt grimy as though he hadn't washed for a long time. He tells me that he has waited a while to visit me and that the reason that he chose me was because my reviews stated I am a GFE. I think in my mind, 'oh gawd help me, this guy smells bad and how am I going to tell him without offending him?' Then he wants to kiss me. Well, his mouth smelt like he had just finished 'dining at the Y' with another woman. A woman who was not so clean herself. How do I know this scent? Had an unfortunate experience on a dual with a SP. Unfortunate enough that I actually stopped my theatrical performance and asked her 'don't you wash your pussy!' *LOL* .. poor client.. whatever fantasy he was enjoying came to an abrupt end. So.. here I am with this client, expected to carry out the same performance as noted by other gentlemen. Let's just say, that I worked my way around it, but it was very difficult. I felt sorry for him. I felt bad. But I could not bring myself to tell him because he was the type of individual that would have become very offended if I had asked him to shower. Even though his uncleanness may have been unintentional, it was a huge turn off and I feel that it is a show of disconcern and disrespect for each party involved.


Another turn off is something that I can expect no less of, if that makes any sense. In order to have a nice time, it must begin in your mind. I read an interesting passage in a book once, so interesting enough that I actually revised it for my ad. The original passage reads: During orgasm many people have experienced, at least once, a true Samandhi involving timelessness and a total dissolution of the ego, accompanied by subjective sensations of being absorbed by their partner. If I can not feel or find some sort of a parallel understanding or sensuality with the person I am with, it makes it difficult to carry on. In most cases, I have no problem with this. What enters my mind will have an over all affect on my actions. So, a client comes in. Once inside I ask him why he picked me; a question I always ask. He tells me that he chose me because he found me to be quite attractive and because of the reviews that he has read about me. I smile. Then after we are comfortable he says, 'I'm going to get a full hour right?' I can't help myself but to laugh out loud. I said to him, 'you said you read my reviews? I don't think you did.' So then he looks at his watch and states the time out loud and says, 'okay, it is exactly 2pm now, this means I have until 3pm right?' So I said, 'look, let's just forget about acting business like, have a good time, and who cares what time it is. I don't watch clocks.' So then he persists, 'so I have until 3pm correct?' I make no effort to hide the fact that I dislike being stereotyped. At this point, I am already turned off, feeling like a leased car, and a bit offended. I caried out the session and for the first time in years, I felt like I did when I was working outside. Sad, but true. It is hard for some to understand, but just as a client would slip into a fantasy during the session, so do I. His unwarranted insistence on the time factor destroyed any hope of enjoyment in my case.

Article written by Kayla



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