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"Why Did I Enjoy Trying Different Escorts?" - By "a Client" ....
Added April 11/00

I am a "casual" hobbyist. I use escort service about 4 to 5 times a year. Since I started this activity four years ago, with only one exception, I had never seen the same escort more than once. Some people who are reading this article probably would think this was a result of not getting good services from my escorts. On the contrary my experience with escorts has been very positive. Do not get me wrong I am not suggesting I am escort-savvy. Let's just say I was unusually lucky.

So why did I enjoy trying different escorts? I had always presumed the answer(s) would be obvious, and never given it any serious thoughts. As I am writing this article I am aware I might be taking the issue too seriously, and the whole exercise might be an ingenious self-analysis of a totally irrelevant subject. Notwithstanding, I am going to give the question proper attention for what its worth.

"To look for the ultimate experience." May be. But ultimate experience is a highly subjective concept. Would I know when I found it, and stop searching if I found it? I would not bet my own money on it. So this is not a convincing answer to the question.

"Variety." Like any normal men with vital signs I am attracted to women. In this case I am attracted to women of all types. Tall, short, voluptuous, petite, I love them all. They all are good in their own way, though I tend to have better chemistry with the more mature type. I enjoy exploring their diversities to the fullest, both sexually and spiritually. But, having said that, I never went back to learn more about them even though I had a nice time at our first meetings. So while "variety" is indeed a very good reason and better answer, it is not entirely satisfactory.

"Because it is fun." But then, why is it fun? This, I believe, is because the process of finding a new escort to spend my time with is very mentally rewarding.

Finding good escorts is like finding honest politicians, there are very few around. Anybody who pursues the challenge has his own way of approaching it. I am not a trail-blazer I rely mostly on other people's experience, and that means monitoring discussion boards ritually for new reviews and information. In my view, the increasing number of SPs participating in the discussions is a big step forward. They offer valuable opinions and experience about their industry, and a glimpse of their styles and personalities (a characteristic I value more than any others). Suffice it to say it requires diligent work to stay on top of the research. I enjoy putting in the efforts because it is highly educational, entertaining and addictive.

After the research and final decision on an escort, and the customary tasks of exchanging emails and booking the actual appointment, it comes the anticipation. I like to book my appointments a day in advance, so it is long and agonizing, and tends to create anxieties for me. Did I choose the right person? Would there be any chemistry during the encounter? Would I "rise to the occasion" spontaneously at the moment of truth? At the same time, I have a marvelous time imagining all the delightful things I am going to do when the time comes. If I were asked to summarize the sensations of anticipation, I would say it is like mental masturbation.

The actual meeting is the grand finale, the end of a sensational roller-coaster ride. At this point the anticipation is finally over. The person I had been fantasizing is right there with me. I can actually see and feel her face and body. There would be no more second-guessing. It is time to concentrate on the most important matter at hand, and that would be to do my part to make the encounter an enjoyable experience for everyone.

As I said at the beginning I use escort service infrequently. I do not get to play very often. When I do, I anticipate it, savor it and emphasize it. I turn the volume all the way up. No, I do not prepare myself in advance to note all my sensations during the encounters. But I would if I could. For me the thrill starts with the research, long before there are any physical contacts. The entire process has a lot of elements and excitement that are similar to those of finding and going on a blind date, but without going out and the uncertainty whether I would score at the end.

Written by, "Work in Progress"



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