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What is it?

Similar to transmission of syphilis and herpes. You can get chancroid in your mouth, throat, lips, anus, tongue, vagina, or penis. You can get it or spread it through intimate skin contact (direct skin-to-skin touching of open sores), or by secondary contact (for example through your hands or a dildo).

What to look for?


The picture above pretty much shows you what a chancroid looks like. The sores are painful and tender when touched. Usually, there will be sore, swollen glands near the affected area, too. Remember the areas where they are most likely to appear. You can also get them on your thigh or hands from an open sore, but this is more difficult and rare than getting them on your genitals or mouth.



Chancroid is completely curable by antibiotics. Contact your health provider as soon as you think you may have gotten an STD; the sooner you are treated, the better your chances of recovery, and it is less likely you will get complications. Also, it is likely you will get complications. Also, have your partners checked out, and stop having sex until you get better. Otherwise, you and your partners could keep passing the disease back and forth to each other.

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