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The Massage Manual
Written by JDayger´┐Ż
Your first massage
The Call
The Price
The Parlor
Hello Dolly
In the room
Your massage


The Price

Now that you have a description and an interest in going to this parlor, ask for pricing information. All parlors will divulge their "room" fees on the phone. This is the price you pay to rent the room, use their showers and towels. The general pricing in the GTA is a dollar a minute, i.e. $30 for 30 minutes. Remember you are just renting the room for this price, your attendant is paid in addition to this amount.

Attendant fees are somewhat more difficult to illicit. Many parlors simply state that in room fees need to be discussed in the room with the attendant. This is a two-fold answer. First, the attendant is an independent contractor and as such can set her own pricing (rare), or more likely they are concerned about legal liabilities by discussing pricing over the phone. My experience has shown that those parlors who are coy about pricing on the phone are generally offering more than the standard fare. Parlors who readily tell you there in room fees are generally better run, more professional and provide a consistently higher quality experience.

Three choices should be offered to you: Topless, Nude, and Nude/Reverse. Topless is just that, the attendant takes her top off, and for the remainder of your session will leave it off. Topless is generally $20 in addition to the room fee. A Nude session has her nude for the entire time she is massaging you, and is usually $40 over the room fee. While she massages you, she might let you stroke her arms and legs or bum, but that is about all. Nude/Reverse is the only type of session that you can actually massage her. It starts with her removing her clothes and massaging you - for about half the session. Then you can massage her for a bit, and the she will switch and "finish" you off. Nude/Reverse is somewhere between $60 and $80 over the room fee.

All the above fees are assuming a 30-minute session. Most parlors have special 40-minute pricing ($40 room fee and more likely $80 for a Nude/Reverse) and a 60-minute rate, which is just, double the 30-minute rate. Remember that the above pricing is just a guideline - many parlors have different pricing than this.


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