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The Massage Manual
Written by JDayger´┐Ż
Your first massage
The Call
The Price
The Parlour
Hello Dolly
In the room
Your massage



By now you should have a good idea if the parlour you have called has the kind of attendant(s) you wish to see, the right kind of facilities, and the pricing you are comfortable with. I recommend that you now "book" your attendant. This simply means that you would like to reserve a specific attendant at a specified time. This will usually prevent you making a long drive out to see her, only to find that she is booked for the next hour or so. This procedure is essential if your attendant is popular, or you are trying to visit in peak times.

Tell the person on the phone how long you wish to book for (30-minutes or 60-minutes) and don't be too surprised if upon your arrival you still have yo wait a few minutes, some people are quicker in life than others. If you are delayed enroute, call and tell them, and they can usually juggle a bit or reschedule for you.

TIP: You are usually given a grace period of 5 minutes or so, but again in peak periods or if they don't know you, expect to lose your appointment if you don't call and inform them you are delayed.

TIP: It is also appropriate to ask for directions if you have never been to this establishment before. Massage parlours tend to be in very out of the way locations, and often parking is not readily evident.


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