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The Massage Manual
Written by JDayger´┐Ż
Your first massage
The Call
The Price
The Parlor
Hello Dolly
In the room
Your massage


The Parlor

So with appointment pre-booked, and directions in hand - off you go for your massage. All the parlors are of a similar nature. There is a reception area of some sort; most have a waiting area, rooms for the massage and a bathroom. All have music playing, both in the lobby and the rooms. Many also have large screen televisions in the waiting area. The higher end "spa's" will offer you a complimentary coffee or soft drink Fit and finish of the parlors vary widely, but are generally in line with the price. Higher price, nicer facilities. Note, I said facilities - not attendants. This is where the next key choice comes in.

TIP: If it doesn't look clean or smell clean - it's not clean! Parlors I am referring to specifically, but this rule is universally true. I will not spend my time or money in an unclean parlor. There are costs associated with laundering towel sets after each customer, general maintanence of the facility, and regular cleaning of showers and bathrooms. If it looks like they don't care about their "office" what makes you think they care about their staff or customers?




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