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The Massage Manual
Written by JDayger�
Your first massage
The Call
The Price
The Parlor
Hello Dolly
In the room
Your massage


Your Massage

It may have seemed like a long time in coming, but finally you're at this point. Your attendant will remove the proscribed clothing (top only or all of her clothes) and begin to massage you. Most massages are frankly average to poor, but do the best with what you get. Tell you're attendant what you want (hard, medium or gentle) and feel free to communicate area's that you want massaged.

You will all most always start facing down. Oil, powder or cream is available to be used on you. Neck rubs, foot rubs and a nice technique are all hallmarks of a professional attendant. Relax and enjoy. At some point you will be asked to roll over (Topless or Nude) or given the option to massage her (Nude/Reverse).

With the Nude/Reverse you will be given free rein over her back, and a somewhat more limited freedom on her front side. Breast massage is allowed as is stroking of the breasts and thighs. Most attendants will not allow you to manipulate their genitals (i.e. petting the kitty) and it is uncommon to be allowed to suckle their breasts. But it does happen. Don't be offended if your attendants asks you not to put oil or powder on them. Remember they do this many times a week and oil especially can dry the skin out, and promote pimples.

When your time comes, your attendant will ask you to lie on your back. Some further massage of your front side will be given, eventually becoming focused on your genitals. Oil will be applied and your attendant will endeavor to satisfy you. Stroking and rubbing with her hands, and perhaps breasts, she will masturbate you to completion (release).

With a 30-minute session, you have a reasonable amount of time to release, but if you want/need more time, I recommend a longer session. Many attendants will not stroke your for more than 10-minutes, and customers who deliberately withhold their release for very extended periods of time can be left in the room without a release. Yes it does happen!

TIP: You're attendant does not really care how quickly you shoot - in fact for them the faster the better. Another common misconception is they care about your size. If they have been doing this for any length of time, they have seen the whole spectrum of sizes. All they want is for you to enjoy yourself in the time remaining.

After you have been satisfied, the attendant will wash her hands (and whatever else needs it) and then clean you up - either with tissue or a towel. Payment is expected before she leaves the room, so be courteous and offer it before being asked.

TIP: Most parlors take both debit and credit cards. You can pay the room fee and/or the attendants fee at the front before you go into the room.

You're attendant will now leave the room to allow you to dress. The shower is again available for your use, and a clean towel should be offered to dry yourself with. When dressed, proceed to the front of the parlor, and take your leave. Many parlors have the attendant waiting at the front to say good-bye, and to thank you for you're patronage.

So now you have had your first massage. I hope you enjoyed it, and the next time you decide you want a massage you are wiser and more prepared for the experience. Massage, by its definition is "the relieving of life's daily pressures through the rhythmic use of the hands and arms to kneed, stroke and manipulate anothers body". But a great corollary to that definition is "the sharing of spirit and pleasure by touching another person". Whether you pay to have someone massage you, or massage them, it's still your time and money. Enjoy the experience���

Manual written by JDayger© April 26, 2000